ImprovBoston is thrilled to announce The Vintage Improv Festival (VIF), the world’s first festival of improvisation dedicated to celebrating the talents of comedic performers over the age of 50.

Shining a spotlight on improvisers who have both life and stage experience, VIF provides access to inclusive artist mixers, workshops led by Boston’s best improv instructors, and of course performance opportunities at ImprovBoston, New England’s biggest and oldest comedy theater. The one-day festival features existing teams from around the country as well as improvisers flying solo (VIF will create dynamic Vintage teams for all our soloists). Whether you are the Silent Generation doing the Twist, Baby Boomers rocking on, or Xer’s getting physical, come make improv history at ImprovBoston.

Over the course of the festivities, experienced improvisers will take workshops with industry leading instructors, socialize with other performers, and entertain audiences with fully improvised shows. Events throughout the festival provide meaningful opportunities for playfulness, connection, physicality, support, trust, self confidence, and of course copious laughter. Submissions to participate are encouraged from both existing improv teams and experienced solo improvisers. Artists traveling solo to VIF will perform with curated mixer teams of other adventurous, “single” comedians.

VIF closes out the Boston Improv Festival, a five-day celebration of improvisational comedy in all its forms.


6:00 PM

Main Theater

Vintage Improv Festival Showcase Show #1


Deana’s Mixer Team  |  Early Bird Special | HATS

7:30 PM

Studio Theater

Vintage Improv Festival Showcase Show #2


In Our Prime | The Grownups | Kamikaze Comedy

9:00 PM

Main Theater

Vintage Improv Festival Showcase Show #3


Matt’s Mixer Team | TBD Mixer Team | Elderberry Jam


We’re looking for performers who exude positivity, have some formal improv training, and who hope to develop their skills and collaboratively strengthen the community of over-50 improvisers.

Submission fee: $15 per submission (regardless of whether you submit as a team or a solo act)

Accepted acts will receive an invitation to register by June 30.

We at ImprovBoston could not produce this festival
without the generous support from our partners:




40 Prospect St., Cambridge, MA